We are a group of very senior members of the institution who have, over the last 24 years, served it well in the highest level posts and have its safety and success of it in our hearts and minds.

To our dismay, over the last few years, we have seen it become, in our experience, very centralised in the setting of its priorities by HQ management with declining interest, in our regions and divisions views. Its financial performance has become increasingly complex and variable. Until the last 2 years, it has had its accounts qualified by London auditors and had to fund material losses, which has strained the cash position in an alarming way.

As a charity we have specific guidelines in which to protect and operate the free cash reserves, but the vast majority of its reserves and required to be ring fenced according to the wishes of the particular benefactors.

We now find the system, installed some 15 years ago where an elected trustee board took overall control of its future and success, is no longer functioning in a measurable way and appears to have a lack of space, time and facts to steer us through todays problems, many of which are there own making. In order to bring relevant matters to everybody's attention, we have together, with over 100 additional corporate members, requested an urgent E.G.M or Special Meeting to discuss the problems identified and hopefully start a process of resolving them without delay.

We gain no satisfaction from causing obvious disruption to the present operations of the institution but other previous meetings and correspondence have done little to avoid this last resort action. We have taken to air to resolve these far reaching matters.


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