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At a recent meeting of the Railway Division with the CEO, the following questions were asked...

Financial Health and Accounts:

  • What are the overall results of the profitability of the acquired operating businesses likely to be in 2017 and 2018, compared with earlier expectations and compared with what might have been achieved from the publishing business?

  • What is the trend of total events, total delegate numbers, total delegate income and total net profit from events run by the IMechE at HQ (i.e. the events for which the Events team is now responsible) in 2018 and 2017 compared with previous years and especially before 2014?

  • When will the promised “root and branch” investigation into the acquisition of Amber Train and its subsequent management be progressed and completed?

Support for Divisional Activities:

  • Is the Chief Executive aware of the full extent of reduction of the number and specification of the RD’s annual programmes of events, in 2018 compared with previous years and especially before 2014?

  • How and when can this reduction be reversed?

  • Is the Chief Executive aware of the continuing risk of loss of support from senior and active members for the Institution’s programmes of activities?

  • How can we collectively make use of the opportunity of HS2, and of 2018 as the “Year of Engineering”?

  • How can we collectively improve the Institution’s offer to bring it up to the level of newer bodies active in rail such as IRO, YRP eg Corporate Membership, free competence development training delivered by volunteers?

Complaints against the President:

  • Why is there such secrecy about the process to investigate these alleged “serious complaints”? What could remotely have justified such a process? When will this investigation be completed?

  • How does this process accord with IMechE and ACAS protocols, and with natural justice?

  • How much money is being spent on legal advice to the Trustee Board and to the Institution for this investigation, and why has a similar level of legal support not been provided to the President?


  • How will the Institution ensure that communications to Members about the Special Meeting are fair and balanced?

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