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Letter to Trustee Board and Chief Executive

Dear Trustee Board and Chief Executive

5th May 2018

Dear Trustee Board and Chief Executive

We are deeply concerned by the lack of even-handedness in the way that preparations have been made for the Special Meeting on 21st May 2018. 

This lack of even-handedness was evident in the meeting notice sent to members towards the end of April which included three pages of professionally prepared additional information to support the reactive motion but only three introductory paragraphs to the motions proposed by those members who had requisitioned the meeting with their letter of 29th March. The bias is also evident in the invitations recently issued to members to join webinars to hear more from yourselves on this matter. The encouragement of members to send in proxy votes when they had only the material in the notice, and the placement of the reactive motion ahead of the challenging motions are further instances of this.

We are Past Presidents of the Institution who are not signatories of the letter requisitioning the Special Meeting. We are very disappointed that these matters could not have been resolved without resort to a Special Meeting.  Those of us who are able to attend the Special Meeting do not intend to vote on the motions until we have been appraised of the facts pertaining to all of them at that meeting.

We are concerned that members will have been misguided by your approach. We are also concerned it will damage the good name of the Institution in the minds of external bodies and individuals.

Yours sincerely

William Banks, Duncan Dowson, Bill Edgar, Denis Filer, Pam Liversidge, James McKnight, Chris Price, Tony Roche, John Spence, Chris Taylor, John Wood.

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