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Midland Region Abbreviated Strategy Discussion Paper October 2017

Midland Region Abbreviated Strategy Discussion Paper October 2017

Following the publication of the UFF Report the Midland Region have held discussions The discussions raised several important concerns. Reviewing the current IMechE Strategy there are significant concerns relating to:

  1. The direction of travel of the Institution moving away from a “Member” organisation.

  2. The diminishing “Value” offered to the IMechE paying member.

  3. The ability of the organisation to attract New and Young members

The above concerns mirror some of the comments made in the UFF report: Professor Uff (abbreviated from the exec summary) notes:

“There is a strong body of opinion that it no longer serves the best interests of the profession or its members, or the interests of the country at large.

The PEIs membership, has been in general decline for over a decade These bodies should seek to implement a detailed agenda for the restructuring of the profession”

Midland Regional Committee discussions:

The IMechE Midland committee asked the question:


  1. Direction of travel is a cause for concern as the organisation is moving towards a “Commercial Training” organisation. This we would argue is a conflict of interest, diverting the management’s focus away from the main issue – “attracting growing subscription paying members”.

  2. The diminishing “Value” offered to the IMechE paying member - the IMechE “Organisation” is not focused on “member needs”. The perception is that the IMechE views its members as cash cows.

  3. The inability of the organisation to attract New and Young members relates to “Value” offered. The IMechE to be successful must offer services that are “VALUED” by potential members. (e.g.: enhanced employability, engineering status, employers valuing the quality/status of IMechE members.)

To “Re-focus” the IMechE a clear MEMBER FOCUSED strategy should be agreed by trustees:

A Clear Strategic Focus from the Trustees stating:

“The IMechE is a member focused organization”

The strategic statement must be unambiguous and clearly stared (an example given):


Wearea“MemberFocused”organisationdeliveringona range of member career, employment and educational needs.

Our members offer the highest technical standards and we will proactively work to develop programme “skill sets” that increase member “employability and value” to the employer.

We will share our knowledge, with the wider community, technically, intellectually and pragmatically through our “KT” capability to broadcast the benefits delivered by the engineer.

We will promote our ability to deliver complex theoretical, research and physical projects in many geographical areas.

Our integrity trusted, influence valued.

Engineers deliver things that matter.

Value Proposition:

Benefit to the Organisation:

The clarity of the strategic objectives will facilitate a proactive “member needs” management ethos. This will result in an IMechE that is focused on a clear “member value” offer - this will attract new members.

The clarity of a mission statement provides a bridge between the organisation’s corporate strategy the business units and key staff departments, allowing them to effectively implement their objectives within that corporate framework.

It allows the Trustees to ask the question “are we implementing and achieving our strategic goals”?

The clearly stated strategy allows the trustees to separate the strategic and operational aspects of management.

With a clearly stated strategy it keeps the management’s time, energy and the organisation’s capital, from being siphoned off in pursuit of always “exciting” but strategically irrelevant opportunities.

With a Clear Strategy and Member Focused Vale Proposition the IMechE can confidently develop methodologies to attract

  • New Members

  • New Corporate Company Members It is very important to the PEI sector that the IMechE can restructure and give leadership to an “Engineering Umbrella” organisation.

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