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Statement from the Requisitioners:

Since the Special Meeting on the 21st May, we have continued to be active in seeking changes to the governance and management of our Institution and restoring ownership and direction to the members.

We have chosen not to make public statements for several weeks but in this time we have been meeting senior trustees and other parties to explore the way forward after the Special Meeting. We have also been making further inquiries into the financial situation of the Institution, the fundamental reason for calling the Special Meeting. This work continues.

However, we believe that it is now right for us to make a public statement about the recent announcements from the Institution.

We strongly welcome the changes thus far and are especially pleased that Colin Brown has returned to the Institution as Interim CEO. He has always connected effectively and positively with the membership, he is highly respected by the staff and understands the core purpose of the Institution. Moreover, he is well-respected in the wider engineering profession and more generally through his various media appearances. We are giving him every support with his new and demanding responsibilities and we wish him well.

There is much to be done. The appointment of an Interim President is, we believe, fundamental to how well the governance and financial issues can be addressed and resolved. The appointment is also fundamental to the task of rebuilding trust in the governance of our Institution within the wider membership. At their meeting on August 1st, Council will be considering candidates from the eligible Past Presidents for recommendation to the Trustees.

As confirmed by the current President Elect in a recent letter to Council, none of the requisitioners for the Special Meeting will be standing. It was a hard decision to call for the Special Meeting in the first place and we did not take it lightly. We felt it was essential and indeed the only option to bring to the attention of the members the perilous state of the finances and the related unsatisfactory state of the governance, having had no success with other initiatives. We recognise that the action we took may be seen as divisive by some members and we did not feel it right to risk further controversy by putting ourselves forward.

This is not to say that our job is done; we remain fully engaged and will continue to assist the Interim President and the Interim CEO in their task of restoration of effective and accessible governance and recovery of our financial position, whatever this may involve.

We would like to thank all those members who have given us their support in these difficult times over recent months and also those members who have continued to support the essential work of the Institution through the various committees and boards in spite of the background turmoil.

Finally, we would like to mention the Institution staff. They have continued to work professionally and respectfully, often putting in long hours to deal with the extra workload leading up to and since the Special Meeting, and they deserve our special thanks.

The Requisitioners:

Andrew Ives - Past President

Brian Kent - Past President

Patrick Kniveton – Past President

Christopher Simpson – Past Chairman, Manufacturing Division

Rod Smith – Past President

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