Four Past Presidents (see below) have supported this call for a special meeting and for measures to be taken against the Chief Executive and certain members of the Trustee board responsible for the governance and operation of our institution.

Why have these very senior and highly respected people from industry and academia, with their detailed knowledge of the organisation and working of the institution, taken this unprecedented step for the first time in our 170 year history?


1. Our President, Carolyn Griffiths, is an extremely well-respected internationally-known Fellow of         the Royal Academy of Engineering, and a member of its audit committee. She was asked by the             Transport Secretary of the time to set up the Rail Accident Investigation Branch and is a Board             Member of Irish Rail.

2. Why has she been prevented from doing her job as President, chairing the Trustee Board, and why      has a QC been employed at huge cost to our Institution to silence her and prevent her from                    investigating our Institution finances and problems?

3. Why has support for our Regions, Divisions and Groups been falling over a protracted period?

4. Why are the Trustees of the Institution, including the President-Elect, so reluctant to speak to                Members and to hide behind the CEO, who they employ, and should monitor?

5. Why are the Trustees and CEO so reluctant to talk about the failure of our Amber Train subsidiary,      the qualification of the accounts two years running, and legal risks?  And why have they shown no        concern about the unpaid creditors or the 70+ apprentices left in limbo without training                        certificates?

6. Why have so many of our highly respected employees, including Colin Brown, Director of                        Engineering, left the Institution?

7. Why have the reserves (Institution Funds) only risen from £14m to £28m when £21m was             added from the sale of the publishing business and a further £6m received from the Whitworth         funds?  Why have the free reserves fallen again to only £6-8m available now ? Where has all the         money gone ?

8. Why are the Trustees not apparently aware and concerned about the further large financial losses        from the investments in some of the other trading companies?

We Past Presidents and Senior Fellows, and some 130 initial signatories including more Past Presidents, are so concerned about all of the above that we have gone to considerable effort, time and personal expense to call for the Special Meeting. We asked for the Motions 2 to 6. The Trustees have added their own Motion 1 to prevent the full situation from being revealed.  Some members are now so concerned about the situation at our Institution that it has been reported to the Charity Commission.



We care about our Institution.  We want it back in working order for you, our members.


Please support us by voting FOR Motions 2 to 6


We urge you to vote AGAINST Motion 1.


We urge you strongly NOT to give any proxy vote to the "Chair of the Trustees", Mr Geoff Baker, as this post does not officially exist.


There is only one person for your proxy vote and that is your elected Lady President, Carolyn Griffiths,  membership No 70245654.


We have compiled a great deal of information  which is being posted on our new website . Please visit this site to find out more, and watch for further updates when 2017's full accounts become available in early May.



Andrew Ives                                 President 2005-6
Brian Kent                                    President 1994-5
Prof Rod Smith                            President 2011-12
Patrick Kniveton                         President 2013-14
Christopher Simpson                 Past Chair, Manufacturing Division / Past Chair, Management Group
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